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Frequently Asked Questions 


“Yes,” if the party can demonstrate it is a “slam dunk” that will narrow the issues or dispose of the case. Otherwise, my experience is that filing summary judgments adds an unjustifiable layer of cost and unproductive time for both parties. Before a party can file the Motion, I require a 3-page brief to determine the Motion’s

The amount and kind of discovery, of course, is dependent upon the needs of a particular case and the parties’ agreement, within the backdrop of arbitration’s objectives.

  • I prefer to “check-in,” periodically, to make sure everything’s on track and that there are no And, I’m always accessible if parties need my assistance.
  • My hearings are informal and flexible but professional, efficient, and
  • I am always prepared at every stage of the process, beginning with the Preliminary Hearing Conference Call through the hearing.
  • From the preliminary conference to the hearing, I strive to move the process along – much faster than court but with sensitivity to the attorneys’ and parties’ busy and stressful schedules.
  • As a former judge, I learned how to efficiently manage and expedite a heavy docket, always keeping in mind, in arbitration, that it’s “the parties’ ”


I’m experienced in all 3 types of mediation, but the parties decide which approach best suits them at any given time.

I am guided by the parties’ preferences, which usually change throughout the process.

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